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“The STRIPS project is composed of a team of scientists, educators, farmers, and extension specialists working on the prairie strips farmland conservation practice. Our research shows that prairie strips are an affordable option for farmers and farm landowners seeking to garner multiple benefits. By converting just 10% of a crop field to diverse, native perennials farmers and farmland owners can reduce the amount of soil leaving their fields by 90% and the amount of nitrogen leaving their fields through surface runoff by up to 85%.

Prairie strips also provide potential habitat for wildlife, including pollinators and other beneficial insects” (Iowa State University 2015). Swamp, common and whorled milkweed are included in the seed mixes, to provide the larval host plant for monarch butterflies. Additionally, seed from early spring–blooming flowers is being added to the seed mix.

  • Iowa State University. 2015. STRIPs. Iowa State University Science-based Trials of Rowcrops Integrated with Prairie Strips Homepage.

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