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Assessment Tool

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This report introduces public- and private-lands BMP guidance for monarch butterfly breeding habitat, directed toward public and private landowners. The report is developed as an assessment tool indicating relative value of existing habitat attributes and management practices. Additional practices are recommended, and BMPs are presented in both a descriptive and prescriptive format.

Recommendations are brief and somewhat general, for application to a wide variety of landscapes and regions providing monarch breeding habitat. Appendices also direct readers to additional resources for more information. BMPs addressed include those regarding habitat identification, preservation, or restoration; milkweed production; outreach; invasive/pest species management; mowing or haying; thinning; and planting or seeding (Caldwell and Oberhauser 2014).

  • Caldwell, W., and K. Oberhauser. 2014. Monarch breeding habitat assessment tool. Developed by the University of Minnesota Monarch Lab in partnership with the Monarch Joint Venture.

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