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This online resource hub provides a number of resources for the general public, including links and content related to the protection of pollinating insects and their habitat. Available resources include regional and national pollinator plant lists, pollinator conservation and habitat installation guides, and pesticide guides. A list of native pollinator plant nurseries and seed companies is provided, as are regionally appropriate seed mix specifications that will provide season-long bloom of pollinator-friendly plants. Only wildflowers with extensive documented value to pollinators are included. Seeds are not treated with pesticides and are locally produced in their respective regions by independent farmers.

Conservation guides and fact sheets are provided for farms, gardens, parks and natural areas. Materials are available for Canada and the US, spanning the Pacific Northwest, North Central, Mountain, California, Southwest, South Central, Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, Great Lakes and Northeast regions. Links are also provided for access to resources, including plant lists, conservation guides and fact sheets, and policy documents, such as the US federal pollinator strategy (Xerces 2015).

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