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Monarques, Pollinisateurs

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This USDA online resource hub provides webinars, which may be live-broadcast or may be accessed as streaming videos online. To date, webinars include multiple monarch- and pollinator-focused webinars, including those that touch on NRCS programs and practices that can restore, protect, or enhance monarch and pollinator habitat. Some webinars focus on specific practices or concerns, such developing the appropriate seeding rate for conservation plantings, establishing wildflowers, evaluating existing habitat to identify opportunities, and implementing practices that also address natural resource concerns such as water quality and erosion.

Webinars range in length from approximately thirty minutes to an hour and a half (USDA SREF 2016). Various people and organizations present, and webinars may count as Continuing Education Units for some certifying organizations, such as the American Forage and Grassland Council, the Society for Range Management, and The Wildlife Society (Miller 2016).

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