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Commonwealth Conservation Land Tax Credit

Ministère de l’Énergie et des Affaires environnementales du Massachusetts

United States

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Landowners in Massachusetts can donate all or a portion of their property to permanently protect (Conservation Restriction) significant natural resources on their land, for compensation through Massachusetts’s Commonwealth Conservation Land Tax Credit (CLTC). The CLTC program administered by the state’s Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs offers tax credits of up to US$75,000 to landowners who donate their property to the program outright or through a Conservation Restriction.

The donated land must have high-value natural resources that are in the public interest, including “drinking water supplies, wildlife habitats and biological diversity, agricultural and forestry production, recreational opportunities, or land holding scenic and cultural values” (MEEA 2016). A three-part application process allows for pre-qualification determination first to ensure that land proposed for donation meets criteria for inclusion in the program. An appraisal of the land proposed for donation is submitted for part two, and part three of the application process requires a closing to finalize the donation.

Amount of the Incentive
Up to US$75,000