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Community Surveillance Program (Programa de Vigilancia Comunitaria, PROVICOM)

Commission nationale des aires naturelles protégées


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Conanp’s Provicom program provides support to create and equip community watch committees in protected natural areas under federal jurisdiction and their areas of influence, as well as at so-called Priority Conservation Regions (Regiones Prioritarias para la Conservation—RPCs).

These committees perform preventive activities as a strategy to foster social involvement in oversight and monitoring activities, and act as an awareness-creating instrument to foster the conservation of ecosystems and their biodiversity. Their members are trained in community watch planning and operations, biological monitoring and the laws applicable to environmental offenses.

  • Gloria Tavera and Marco Castro, Central Region and Neovolcanic Axis Bureau (Dirección Regional Centro y Eje Neovolcánico), National Commission for Protected Natural Areas (Comisión Nacional de Áreas Naturales Protegidas—Conanp).
  • Conanp (2016), Community Watch Program (Programa de Vigilancia Comunitaria—Provicom).

Amount of the Incentive
Varies. One project provided average P$15,000 per project

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