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Conservation Land Tax Incentive Program

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry


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This tax relief incentive program provides 100% property tax exemption for lands (1) identified by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) as “provincially significant wetland, provincially significant areas of natural and scientific interest (ANSI) (life science or earth science category), habitat of a regulated endangered species (as specifically defined by the CLTIP habitat mapping guidelines for endangered species), or designated as escarpment natural area under the Niagara Escarpment Planning and Development Act” or Community Conservation Lands (owned by non-profit charitable organizations); (2) at least 0.2 hectares (0.5 acres) in size; and (3) for which the landowner has committed to protecting.

Within these eligible lands, landowners are permitted to conduct activities such as managing invasive species, planting native species and conducting prescribed burning. Other activities may also be allowed. The MNRF determines eligibility of land and must be granted access to inspect lands included in the program. Landowners must reapply annually (OMNRF 2010).

Amount of the Incentive
100% property tax exemption.