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Conservation Stewardship Program

Ministère des Ressources naturelles de l’Illinois

United States

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Espèces ayant le plus besoin de mesures de conservation, Pollinisateurs

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The Illinois Department of Natural Resources administers the state’s Conservation Stewardship Program, which provides tax relief for qualifying properties. The program targets lands that provide habitat for Species of Greatest Conservation Need (SGCNs), as well as works to reduce fragmentation of native habitats, address invasive species concerns and promote restoration. Although the monarch is not currently identified as an SGCN, other prairie species and habitats qualify.

Eligible landowners qualify for tax relief, with enrolled lands assessed at 5% of fair market value. Landowners must have at least 2 contiguous hectares (5 acres) on which they implement a habitat management plan. Plans may include goals and practices related to mowing, prescribed burning and native prairie plantings, among others. No funding is provided for management, as the tax relief is intended to offset these costs. Technical assistance is provided by the department (IDNR 2016).

Amount of the Incentive
Qualifying land is assessed at 5% of fair market value