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The USDA NRCS Conservation Technical Assistance Program (CTA) is a voluntary free service available to agricultural producers interested in natural resource conservation on their farms. Technical assistance can address natural resources concerns related to water quality and quantity, wildlife habitat, recreation, land management, sustainability and agricultural operations. While this program does not provide financial incentives, products such as conservation plans, which can be developed through this program, may be incorporated into incentive programs once land is enrolled.

Conservation plans may include recommendations for technologies or practices, inventories of existing natural resources, site-specific recommendations for conservation practices, and management alternatives (USDA NRCS 2009). Service centers can be located through the website, <>. Conservation Activity Plans (CAPs) are one form of technical assistance that can be funded through a program like the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP). CAPs are used to identify specific conservation practices to address natural resource concerns or needs.

In fiscal year (FY) 2016, the Pollinator Habitat Enhancement Plan (Practice Activity Code 146) is a nationally approved practice (USDA NRCS 2015).

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Financial assistance not provided, however, resources developed through this program are applicable to financial assistance programs also administered through USDA.

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