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Development of Biodiversity in Agricultural Areas (Programme de mise en valeur de la biodiversité en milieu agricole)


Land Use / Land Cover
Agriculture générale

Agency Type
NGO, Parapublic, Provincial

Target or Affiliated Species or Habitat
Habitat faunique

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Website/web hub

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The Programme de mise en valeur de la biodiversité en milieu agricole is an incentive program targeting the protection and enhancement of wildlife habitat in agricultural lands. Public or private organizations may apply, and collaboration with a wildlife organization is required. Individuals are not eligible to apply directly; however, written confirmation of agricultural producers’ participation in a project is required. Priority projects include those involving wetlands, wildlife corridors and riparian habitats. Rare habitats are also considered a priority, including vernal pools, wetland complexes, or habitat for nesting grassland birds.

Projects may receive direct financial payments up to C$30,000 for a span of two years, and 40% match is required (FFQ 2015). Although neither pollinators nor monarchs are specifically identified as priorities for this incentive program, many projects have the potential to enhance or restore pollinator habitat, though projects must first demonstrate a benefit to vertebrates, such as reptiles, amphibians, or grassland birds. Technical assistance is not provided; however, a wildlife partner organization is required and funds may be used to cover technical assistance costs. This program typically funds 20 projects annually, providing up to C$240,000 in total (Rioux 2016).

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Amount of the Incentive
Projects may be funded up to C$30,000 for a span of two years. At least 40% match required. Organizations apply with written confirmation of farmer agreement to complete project.

Related Institutional Objectives or Targets
Plan d’action de développement durable

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