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The Environmental Farm Plan is one of multiple initiatives funded through a Canadian federal-provincial cost-share agreement under the federal Growing Forward 2 five-year (2013–2018) policy framework. The initiative is delivered by provincial agricultural organizations and is a voluntary assessment tool for agricultural producers. Technical assistance is provided to producers to identify and outline recommendations (BMPs) to address environmental issues and to protect water, air and soil quality.

The program is non-regulatory and results are confidential. Some Environmental Farm Plan programs include biodiversity components; for example, the Alberta Environmental Farm Plan includes a Species at Risk (SAR) component. Completion of an Environmental Farm Plan may be a requirement for access to additional agricultural incentive funding, including any related to implementing general agricultural BMPs (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada 2015).

Amount of the Incentive
Technical assistance is provided. Completion of an Environmental Farm Plan is a typical eligibility requirement for provincial incentive programs.

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