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Agriculture générale

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Up to March 2018.

The Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association provides direct financial payments to agricultural producers in Ontario through the Great Lakes Agricultural Stewardship Initiative’s (GLASI’s) Farmland Health Incentive Program. Financial support is available to implement BMPs, such as those identified through the Farmland Health Check-Up, a related technical assistance program. Eligibility requirements include, but are not limited to, the following: (1) an Environmental Farm Plan must have been prepared in the last five years, (2) the land must be within the GLASI target area (Lake Erie, Lake St. Clair, or Lake Huron southeast shores watersheds), and (3) the landowner must have completed or be in the process of completing a Farmland Health Check-Up with a Certified Crop Advisor. Individuals can apply for multiple BMP projects and may be funded at one of several levels, depending on Farmland Health Challenge ratings and priorities.

Maximum funding for a farm business was limited to C$25,000 in 2015. Pre–Check-Up funding is provided up to C$10,000, at cost share of 30%. To qualify, the Farmland Health Check-Up must be completed in the future. Cost share varies from 35% (Level 1) to 50% (Level 2) or 60% (Level 3). Bonus cost share funding (additional 5% per BMP) is provided for on-farm projects that adapt BMPs to enhance or support pollinator habitat. Eligible BMPs include those addressing cover crops, buffer strips, field windbreaks/windstrips, retirement of fragile land and erosion control measures. BMP modifications would include planting native species to provide nectar throughout the growing season. An additional form must be submitted to qualify for a bonus. BMPs are provided in detail at the end of the report (OSCIA GLASI 2015).

Amount of the Incentive
Maximum funding for a farm business was limited to C$25,000 in 2015. Cost share ranges between 30% and 60% with potential to add 5% bonus per eligible BMP benefitting pollinators.

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