Monarch Conservation Toolbox

Incentive Programs

Fund for Natural Protected Areas (Fondo para Áreas Naturales Protegidas, FANP)

Commission nationale des aires naturelles protégées | Fonds mexicain pour la conservation de la nature


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Natural protected areas, which may include public, private and communal lands, receive funding through the Fund for Natural Protected Areas (FANP) to fulfill conservation objectives. Although funding from FANP is not provided to landowners directly, financial resources may be allocated to NGOs that work directly with landowners to implement projects (World Bank 2011). For example, in Chihuahua, Cañón de Santa Elena is a protected area with existing monarch habitat.

FANP resources support invasive grass management through a prevention and control project titled “Strategy for Prevention and Control of Invasive Species in the Biological Corridor Maderas del Carmen and Santa Elena Canyon” (Conanp 2014).

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