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Ministère de la Pêche et de la Chasse du Dakota du Nord

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Dakota du Nord

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The North Dakota Game and Fish Department (NDGFD) provides annual payments to private landowners enrolled in the Habitat Plot Program to protect and manage existing habitat or establish new habitat for wildlife. Through the program, landowners may receive annual payments for a three-year agreement to protect and manage existing habitat or for a six-year agreement to establish new habitat. Longer-term options are available by contacting NDGFD biologists. Habitat plots are designed to provide wintering and nesting habitat for a number of wildlife species (primarily focused on habitat for game species), but may also benefit non-game wildlife. Existing habitat considered under the program includes grasslands, wetlands, woodlands, and riparian zones; these existing habitats “can be enrolled in combination with converted cropland.”

To create new habitat, cost share is provided to establish herbaceous cover on cropland; NDGFD staff provide technical assistance to determine appropriate seed mixes (requires 6-year agreement minimum). Rental rates are based on average National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) dry-land rate for each county (may range from US$9–14 per 0.4 hectare [1 acre]). Landowners may receive a Habitat Incentive Payment (HIP) if the land is located in a designated district priority area (NDGFD 2012). To qualify for the program, landowners must sign an agreement to provide public access to walk-in hunting and fishing and implement the habitat management plan designed for their property.

Amount of the Incentive
Rental payments for enrolled land are US$3.60-4.40 per hectare [US$9-14, acre]

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