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Agence de conservation de la Virginie-Occidentale

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West Virginia’s Conservation Agency (WVCA), in partnership with the state’s Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD), provides cost-share assistance to install habitat for pollinators, for agricultural landowners in West Virginia’s Guyan District. Under the WVCA’s Agricultural Enhancement Program, agricultural landowners or lessees can receive financial incentives through the Pollinator Habitat program to enhance or establish habitat that benefits pollinators (WVCA 2015a).

Goals of the program are to “(1) provide food and habitat for pollinators to help them thrive; (2) increase production per acre in farming situations;” and (3) increase biodiversity (WVCA 2015b). The program offers a maximum cost-share of US$445 flat rate for up to 0.4 hectares (1 acre) of pollinator habitat created based on best management practices (BMPs) for pollinators. To be eligible, landowners must be signed up as a Guyan District co-operator, have a soil pH of 5.8 or greater and a “current soil test that is less than 3 years of the date the practice is requested.”

Amount of the Incentive
“Not to exceed a total of: [0.4 hectares] (1 acre), Cost-share rate is up to [US]$445.00 per cooperator”