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Reinvest in Minnesota Reserve Program

Commission de l’eau et des terres du Minnesota

United States

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The Minnesota Board of Water & Soil Resources has identified a number of state and federal programs that may provide pollinator habitat as an additional benefit to funded projects. One of these, the Reinvest in Minnesota (RIM) Reserve Program, comprises permanent conservation easements. Easements may include enhancements of existing habitat or planting of diverse mixes of native flowers to support pollinators (MBWSR 2014a).

Landowners receive a direct financial payment for enrolling, and cost share for completion of conservation practices, with assistance from a local soil and water conservation district. The program is complementary to federal programs, like Conservation Reserve Enhancement (CREP) through the USDA. The RIM Grassland Reserve requires easements of at least 4 hectares (10 acres), although size requirements may vary by program. Additional eligibility requirements should be consulted (MBWSR 2014b).

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