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Riparian Lands Tax Incentive

Ministère de la Pêche et de la Faune de l’Oregon

United States

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The Riparian Tax Incentive Program provides property tax relief to landowners interested in improving or maintaining riparian lands. Property owners can receive full property-tax exemption, based on qualifying riparian property they wish to “maintain, preserve, conserve, and rehabilitate,” and may include land up to 100 feet from a stream.

Landowners interested in protecting riparian resources and functions should establish a management plan with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and sign a riparian-management agreement. “A management plan must detail measures the landowner will implement to preserve, enhance or restore the riparian area. For riparian land to qualify for this program, it must be outside adopted urban growth boundaries, and planned and zoned as forest or agricultural lands (including rangeland), or must have met these criteria as of July 1, 1997” (ODFW 2015).

Amount of the Incentive
Complete property tax relief for qualifying riparian land