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Species at Risk Farm Incentive Program

Conseil des plantes envahissantes de l’Ontario


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Agriculture générale

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Espèces en péril, Pollinisateurs

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The Species at Risk Farm Incentive Program (SARFIP) provides direct financial payments for agricultural landowners for completion of BMPs for the benefit of provincial and federal Species at Risk (SARs). Cost-share funding is available at multiple levels (40%, 50%, 60% and 80%) for properties with an Environmental Farm Plan. Cost share of 60% or 80% requires completion of a Habitat Self-Assessment, and all projects per farm business are limited to C$20,000. Projects that focus on improved farm management are eligible for 40–50% cost share up to C$5,000. Properties in the Federal Priority Area for SARs are eligible for 50% cost share.

Projects that focus on conservation needs or directly support SARs may be eligible for 60% or 80% cost share. Funded species-specific BMPs include pollinator planting projects (1.2 Habitat Enhancement; 1.3 Vegetated Corridors Connecting Natural Areas; 4.1 Native Grassland Planting) and invasive/pest species management (2.3 Invasive Alien Plant Species Control in Terrestrial Habitats). Other BMPs may also improve wetlands or rangelands that could benefit monarchs (OSCIA 2015a,b).

Amount of the Incentive
Cost share of 40%, 50%, 60% or 80% up to C$20,000.

Related Institutional Objectives or Targets
Loi sur les espèces en péril, Plan agroenvironnemental

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