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Bring Back the Monarchs Native Milkweed Campaign and the Milkweed Market, Expanding the Monarch Waystation Program

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“Monarch Watch is taking a novel approach to building the commercial availability of regionally-sourced milkweed plants, while concurrently creating a demand for these plants so that native plant suppliers are motivated to support this effort long term. Monarch Watch staff are collecting, processing, storing, and shipping milkweed seeds and plants, recruiting milkweed buyers, coordinating production and sales of milkweed, and producing and distributing promotional materials” (MJV 2013). “To gather and send milkweed seeds, organize a plant sale, or otherwise get involved you can find more information about this work at .

Buying locally-sourced native milkweed can be a daunting task. Monarch Watch has compiled information on species of milkweed sold and seed sources on the Bring Back the Monarchs website so that gardeners looking for milkweed can find a local commercial source. This information was collected from online inventories and conversations with nursery managers. A Milkweed Market reference guide aids in the distribution of milkweed. Monarch Watch staff are also fielding questions and providing information to land managers to match individual habitat restoration projects with the best possible milkweed seed source” (MJV 2013).