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Butterfly conservation through education, culture monitoring and research

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“Eco-Monarca was created as an initiative of biologists interested in the conservation of the monarch butterfly. Some of its members have worked for more than 20 years in the biology and ecology of monarch butterflies. Since 2006 they have participated with the American organization Monarch Butterfly Fund in the environmental education of the monarch butterfly. This organization was also created [because of] the need to know more about the migratory route of the monarch butterflies.

In 2013 research focused on the migration of the monarch butterfly in Northern Mexico (Nuevo León and Coahuila). The mission of Eco-Monarca is to promote the environmental education, cultural and artistic events, and monitoring of monarch butterflies in Mexico with the goal of contributing to butterfly conservation through education, culture and research. The main objectives are: a) Contribute to environmental education about the monarch butterfly and its environment for the communities where the butterfly overwinters in Mexico, b) Support cultural and artistic events to promote knowledge of the biology and conservation of the Monarch Butterfly, c) To contribute to the knowledge of the ecology and conservation of the migratory butterfly, d) Carry out extensive programs and specific monitoring of the migratory path of the monarch butterfly during its passage through Mexico whose information contributes greatly to the conservation of monarch butterflies in Mexico” (Montesinos 2016).

  • Eneida Montesinos. Eco-Monarca AC. Personal communication.