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The Butterfly Heroes habitat program is designed to help monarch and other butterflies by creating habitat through individual gardens across the United States. Participants sign up to take the Butterfly Hero pledge, which involves planting a garden that provides food, water and places to lay eggs, for monarchs. For taking the pledge, participants receive a Butterfly Garden Starter Packet, which contains a seed packet with native milkweed or a flowering plant, a list of milkweed and nectar plants native to their region, provided by Monarch Joint Venture, and a Ranger Rick wildlife notebook for youth to record observations in their garden.

Sharing photos and stories is encouraged to allow participants to connect with other Butterfly Heroes, increase participation and show examples of successful Butterfly Hero Gardens. The website also provides educational materials with which participants can learn about monarchs and their decline, as motivation to plant a garden. The program is catered toward youth (NWF 2016).

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