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Gardens of mini habitat and cultural education for the Conservation of the Monarch butterfly and other pollinators

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Monarcas en Monterrey is an NGO that provides kits with plants such as milkweeds, Lantana camara, and Cosmos sulphureus, to schools and companies engaged in the conservation of monarch butterflies and other pollinators. It also provides informative brochures and a system for tracking butterflies and pollinators that visit the garden.

Monarcas en Monterrey also offers talks and conferences to local schools. It is working to create a network where people can provide information about tree species where monarch butterflies are found roosting or feeding on their way to Michoacán, with the aim of collecting data that can be used for the conservation of species used by migratory monarchs. Another program goal is to get support from the highway patrols of the city of Monterrey and the suburbs of Santa Catarina, San Pedro and Guadalupe, in order to advise drivers to reduce their speed in areas of the butterfly’s flyways during the fall migration (Notimex 2014; Torres 2015a, b, c).

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