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Kansas City Metropolitan Area Monarch Butterfly Conservation

United States

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“The Burroughs Audubon Society of Greater Kansas City and partners will implement a series of strategically chosen, on-the-ground native habitat restorations critical for monarch butterfly conservation. The project will result in 1,400 acres [566 hectares] of restored monarch habitat on both public and private lands, and will serve as a model regional effort to stimulate native plantings and conservation” (Edelen 2015).

Kansas City metro residents and visitors will become aware of the monarch’s struggle through a series of education and outreach events that engage homeowners and other private landowners. Large-scale restoration is also occurring along highways, increasing the significance of roadside habitats. Parks, schools, and local corporations are also installing patches of monarch habitat across the metropolitan area (Burroughs Audubon Society 2015). The Kansas City Metropolitan Area Monarch Butterfly Conservation project shows that strong partnerships between public and private entities can result in lasting change.