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Model Concept: School Greenhouse Program

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Many local initiatives spread pollinator habitat to local schools and teach students about scientific investigation, using monarchs and pollinators as flagship species. For example, the School Greenhouse Program allows schools to sign up to grow pollinator-friendly plants to obtain seeds for school gardens or to support the People for Pollinators gardens. Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge staff do site visits with the schools to conduct a “seed investigation” project and plant the pollinator seeds with students.

A second site visit has lessons on photosynthesis and seedling transplanting. Finally, a third site visit consists of the students helping to plant the seedlings they grew themselves. The school is provided with a greenhouse for the duration of the program for their use, and Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge provides all necessary supplies. Schools, local NGOs or other agencies can use the example of this program for educational programming and investigation activities (Bures 2016).

  • Natasha Bures 2016. Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge, People for Pollinators Coordinator. Personal communication.

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