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Chipinque is a well-known park because migratory monarchs fly through the park every fall. Chipinque Park works on the development of gardens for pollinators and presents talks about the importance of pollinators. For example, in 2015 it created a garden for pollinators in a hospital after coordination with organizations such as Reciclart. Chipinque also coordinates monarch-themed festivals, conferences and talks to adults and children, as well as participates in monitoring the monarch butterfly, through the program Reporta Monarca.

Chipinque has a management plan for ecological restoration of ecosystems, which is programmed toward the short, medium and long terms, to try to restore the organization and functioning of ecosystems degraded due to natural disasters or the occurrence of fires, pests, forest diseases, water and wind erosion, and anthropogenic erosion and diseases.

Chipinque also has several programs that aim to protect, restore and conserve the natural resources and ecosystems in the park. The programs are: 1) conservation and soil restoration; 2) prevention, control and combatting of fire, including firefighting; 3) prevention, control and combatting of forest pests; and 4) plant production in the forest nursery of Chipinque and a plantation maintenance program (Parque Ecológico Chipinque ABP. 2012a,b).

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