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The Pollinator Partnership Monarch Fueling Project provides a monarch-specific planting guide for four regions in the eastern United States. This online tool allows landowners, managers or individuals interested in creating habitat in these regions to identify the best nectar and host plants (milkweeds) for monarchs, based on their location. The guidelines list what counties they apply to, and provide recommendations for plants that are beneficial during both the northern and southern monarch migration.

This important component gives planters a list of plants they can pick and choose from that will provide habitat for monarchs throughout their entire breeding and migratory cycle (Pollinator Partnership 2015b). Another complementary monarch plant resource is Pollinator Partnership’s Ecoregional Planting Guides. While not specific to monarchs, these pollinator planting guides offer recommendations by zip code for the entire US, not only the eastern US (Pollinator Partnership 2015a).

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