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“Monarch SOS is a field guide to monarch butterfly identification in all life cycle stages, and includes many milkweed species (monarch’s larval host plants), frequently encountered in North America. This guide is great for anyone interested in learning about monarchs and milkweed. It is used as a companion app for citizen scientists participating in monarch population and migration data collection as well as those collecting milkweed distribution data for several programs.

Veterans of monarch research and conservation have contributed their expertise and input to Monarch SOS making it a valuable tool for citizen scientists. Monarch SOS works in concert with the Monarch Joint Venture (MJV) and their partners to support and enhance their citizen science and conservation programs” (Nature Digger, LLC). Citizen science projects included on that app, through which users can submit data, are: the Monarch Larva Monitoring Project, Project Monarch Health, Monarch Watch, Journey North, Monarch Alert, Southwest Monarch Study and the Xerces Society Western Monarch Count. You can find the app for Apple products on iTunes by searching “Monarch SOS” (MJV 2015).

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