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“Monarch Watch has recruited 14 volunteers to promote monarch conservation across the US. These volunteers serve as liaisons to engage local land managers, decision makers, and concerned citizens in monarch conservation efforts. All of them have been highly engaged in discussing monarch conservation issues via an active monarch listserv and are engaged in numerous educational activities supported by the MJV and Monarch Watch. These effective, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable individuals provide information about monarch biology and conservation needs to many audiences. Learn more about each of the Conservation Specialists or ask for their advice at the Monarch Watch website: <>” (MJV 2013).

Monarch Watch director, Dr. Chip Taylor, states, “expertise represented ranges from promoting monarch conservation with Federal and State agencies and nature centers to advocating the restoration of native plants, giving school programs and promoting and assisting with the creation of Monarch Waystations. With funds obtained through the Monarch Joint Venture, we support the activities of these volunteers to educate the public about the need to create habitats for monarchs. We share resources among group members and solicit their advice on how we all can be more effective in promoting monarch conservation. We are pleased to have the assistance of these capable associates” (Monarch Watch 2012).

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