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Festivals are an exemplary way to unite a community around one cause. The Tommy Thompson Park Butterfly Festival in Toronto, Ontario, is only in its seventh year, but it certainly rallies the greater Toronto community around one important conservation cause. The Festival is usually planned for late August, just in time for the resident Canadian monarchs to begin their fall migration to Mexico.

The Festival welcomes children, families, naturalists and anyone who wants to know more about monarch butterfly conservation and overall butterfly biodiversity. The event is completely free and features nature hikes and interactive butterfly walks where Festival-goers have the opportunity to see over 55 native Ontario butterfly species (Tommy Thompson Park).

The Festival also includes presentations on butterfly gardening, nature photography and much more, from local vendors, nature centers and native nurseries (Facebook 2015). The event is promoted via social media and other local news outlets.Tilbury, Ontario, also has an annual monarch festival that encourages education and conservation surrounding monarch butterflies (BFTTP 2015; Facebook 2015).