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“The Wild for Monarchs campaign is an initiative of Wild Ones: Native Plants, Natural Landscapes. They have partnered with the MJV and Monarch Watch’s Bring Back the Monarchs program to endorse the use of locally sourced, native milkweed and nectar plants in monarch habitat restoration efforts and to boost education and outreach efforts for monarchs. In addition, the Wild for Monarchs campaign is distributing educational resources and materials to their chapters throughout the nation.

The Wild for Monarchs campaign website provides links to milkweed and monarch resources, as well as downloadable materials, such as a bookmark and brochure. Wild Ones members and others across the country are using the Wild for Monarchs PowerPoint presentation to reach out to local Wild Ones chapters and other groups to promote monarch conservation.

Through the Wild for Monarchs campaign, Wild Ones has also launched a Butterfly Garden or Habitat Recognition Program for Wild Ones members to register their butterfly habitats and be recognized for their efforts to help pollinators. Wild Ones habitat recognition requires 75% native plants, and links up with other MJV partner certification programs such as the Monarch Waystations and the North American Butterfly Association. They are developing an online map of Wild Ones wildlife corridors through their habitat recognition program.

A new addition in 2015 to the Wild for Monarchs Campaign is development of a program to promote monarch citizen science opportunities more broadly through the Wild Ones membership. They will promote citizen science activities such as Journey North, the Monarch Larva Monitoring Project, Monarch Watch tagging, and Project Monarch Health, and encourage their members and the local community to participate through web outreach and on-site trainings” (MJV 2013). More information can be found at: <>.