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“Pheasants Forever’s Youth Pollinator Habitat Program aims to provide support to over 750 grassroots chapters across the country to engage youth groups, families and communities in establishing pollinator habitat projects. The objectives of this program are to increase awareness about decreasing pollinator populations, educate the general public on the importance of habitat for pollinators, and to establish quality pollinator habitat across the country.

The program will provide tools for chapters to work with local community partners to create habitat projects that involve youth groups, schools and community groups. Program support includes training on how to plan and conduct a pollinator project from start to finish, conservation/pollinator curriculum for classrooms, hands-on educational activities, and monitoring activities that can be conducted after the project is established. In addition, grants up to [US]$1,000 are available to help with the cost of pollinator seed mixes and plants.

The results of this program not only benefit pollinators by providing quality foraging and nesting habitat, but it also provides opportunities for youth to get outside and gain an appreciation for wildlife and conservation” (Larsen 2016).

  • Drew Larsen. 2016. Pheasants Forever, National Habitat Education Specialist. Personal communication.

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