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Quebec Pesticide Strategy 2015–2018

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The Quebec Pesticide Strategy 2015–2018 contains guidelines and objectives for government action in the coming years. This strategy gives Quebec a framework for encouraging best practices when pesticides are used. The objectives of the strategy are aimed at protecting public health, pollinators and the environment and its approach centers on highest-risk pesticides, through client-based action that offers support to farmers as well as implementing concrete measures inspired by best practices.

The Quebec Pesticide Strategy 2015–2018 seeks to protect public health by increasing restrictions on the use of pesticides on grassy areas, trees and shrubs in urban environments such as public parks, and protects the health of farmers by tightening the supervision of highest-risk pesticides used in agriculture. It also protects pollinators, by seeking to reduce their exposure to neonicotinoids, and the environment, by limiting the risk of contamination.

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