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The USFWS Partners for Fish and Wildlife (PFW) Program is a voluntary agreement with private landowners, providing technical assistance and direct financial payments to conserve and restore lands for federal trust species, which includes species of international concern. Agreements must be for a minimum of 10 years. Projects may be implemented on agricultural or other lands, possibly within state-specific priority geographies.

Projects typically include 50% cost share for implementation (no minimum), but may be up to 100%. In-kind contributions (labor, materials, or equipment use) from landowners can be used for cost-share purposes. Funding is available for various PFW projects nationwide; however, priority areas for monarch projects include the central flyway (Texas and Oklahoma), the corn belt (the upper Midwest, including USFWS Regions 3 [Midwest] and 6 [Mountain-Prairie]) and habitat used by the western population (USFWS Region 1: Pacific). Monarch project funding is available for enhancement of existing habitat and development of new habitat (restoration).

Projects are intended to complement incentive programs administered through the USDA NRCS and FSA under the US Agricultural Act of 2014 (Farm Bill) (USFWS 2015). As an example, in the Midwest region, individual landowner projects may be funded up to US$25,000 for conservation practices. Projects intended to improve pollinator, and specifically monarch, habitat typically include activities such as seeding of native grasses and forbs, enhancement of existing habitat through fire or mechanical treatment and removal of invasive species. Projects may also receive additional financial or resource support from state departments or other partners.

For example, the Prairie Partners Program, through Iowa DNR, provides seeds and plugs at 50% discount for private lands projects. Technical assistance is provided by USFWS biologists, and practices, such as those provided by the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) National Conservation Practice Standards, are implemented (Helmers 2016).

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Amount of the Incentive
Variable. Midwest projects typically include 50% implementation cost, but may be up to 100%. In-kind resources may count as match, and projects may be funded up to US$25,000.

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