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College of Western Idaho Monarch Project

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The college of Western Idaho is “currently mapping the distribution and abundance of milkweed species and breeding monarch butterflies in Southern Idaho (beginning in the western Treasure Valley near Nampa and Boise). [Its] project leverages student and community volunteers and uses the ArcGIS collector app to accomplish mapping efforts. Data will be used to conduct habitat suitability modeling for milkweed and monarchs in this region [and] in efforts to support conservation and rehabilitation efforts” (Holt 2016).

The project is “currently focused on intensively surveying habitat within the Boise River drainage from Boise to Caldwell, ID using foot surveys and spot mapping. We hope to partner with ID Fish and Game in their effort to accomplish statewide surveys on landscape level scales” (Holt 2016). Data gathered from this project are being shared with the MJV, the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation, and the USFWS, to contribute to the nation-wide milkweed habitat modeling effort.

  • Holly Holt. 2016. Monarch Joint Venture, Science Coordinator. Personal communication.

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