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Consortium pour la conservation du monarque dans l’État de l’Iowa

United States

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“The Iowa Monarch Conservation Consortium is a community-led organization whose mission is to enhance monarch butterfly reproduction and survival in Iowa through collaborative and coordinated efforts of farmers, private citizens and their organizations. The Iowa Monarch Conservation Consortium is composed of state-based organizations that agree on a common goal to enhance the monarch butterfly’s reproduction across the state by supporting the propagation of breeding habitat through research, education and direct action.

The Consortium’s research effort will establish a sound scientific foundation for Iowa’s monarch butterfly conservation. The consortium’s extension and outreach program will draw upon all the member organizations to ensure the broad delivery of practical, science-based information on monarch butterfly conservation practices for Iowa’s landscapes. Habitat improvements in rural landscapes will target underutilized areas that do not conflict with agricultural production, are sufficient in scale to support improved monarch breeding success, and strive to complement other conservation programs” (Iowa Monarch Conservation Consortium 2015).