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“In April 2002, 3 members of the MBMF [Monarch Butterfly Monarch Forest] travelled to Zitacuaro, Mexico to work with the members of the BMMM [Bosque Modelo Mariposa Monarca] to set-up the [Reforestation and Agro-Forestry Sites in the Monarch Butterfly Model Forest] project. […] While in Mexico the MBMF team visited the proposed sites of the projects and provided advise [sic], met with BMMM staff and local people to be involved in the project, met with the Executive Council of the BMMM, helped the BMMM staff to find and purchase needed materials for the projects, inspected the trees in the forest nurseries, trained the BMMM staff in the construction of the mobile grazing cages, and prepared and signed an Agreement between BMMM and MBMF.

The project was organized in Mexico by introducing the specific project objectives to residents of the ejidos of La Mesa and El Rosario. A total of 161,000 trees were planted in the two ejido communities La Mesa and El Rosario. In the Ejido of La Mesa, these trees were planted in a previously burnt portion of the Monarch butterfly reserve, an Agro-forestry site and 24 deforested agricultural sites which are being converted back to forest.” (Manitoba Model Forest 2002).