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Monarchs Across Georgia

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“Monarchs Across Georgia (MAG) is a committee of the Environmental Education Alliance. MAG works together with teachers, students, families, communities, businesses and others to study monarchs and restore butterfly habitat across the state. Its mission is to inspire caretakers of the natural environment through monarch and pollinator education” (Monarchs Across Georgia 2016). Monarchs Across Georgia began a Pollinator Habitat Certification program in 2005 to promote successful pollinator gardens and draw attention to the plight of pollinators (Monarchs Across Georgia 2016). Use of citizen science in education efforts is a centerpiece of the Monarchs Across Georgia teacher workshops.

They familiarize educators with best practices for utilizing monarch-centric citizen science programs, such as those of Journey North, Monarch Health, Monarch Watch and the Monarch Larva Monitoring Project, in formal and informal educational settings. The Monarchs Across Georgia team has consistently delivered high-quality educator workshops for over 10 years and currently has 4 teacher workshops planned for 2016, with more being scheduled in the near future (Monarchs Across Georgia 2016).

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