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A Procodes project was authorized to carry out monitoring of the monarch butterfly in the NPA. Two groups of people from the ejidos of Joyas del Durazno and Saus were organized. In total 19 people participated in the monitoring. These people were trained by the University of Querétaro and Correo Real to properly perform monitoring and submit monitoring reports. According to the results, they found about 10 overnight roosting sites for monarchs in the ejido of Saus and 6 sites in the ejido of the Joya. An incentive agreement or contract with these monitors to report on these areas ran 31 July to 31 December.

They received a total of P$2,700 in two installments for the period covered. During monitoring, people also reported the presence of milkweeds in the NPA, such as A. linaria, A notta and A. tuberosa (Rodríguez 2016).

  • Luis Enrique Rodríguez. 2016. Área de Protección de Flora y Fauna Sierra de Álvarez, PN El Potosí, Assistant Director. Personal communication.

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