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Pollinator Week is the product of Pollinator Partnership and began in June 2007, with the first declared Pollinator Week. “Eight years ago the US Senate’s unanimous approval and designation of a week in June as [‘National Pollinator Week’] marked a necessary step toward addressing the urgent issue of declining pollinator populations. Pollinator Week has now grown to be an international celebration of the valuable ecosystem services provided by bees, birds, butterflies, bats and beetles.

The growing concern for pollinators is a sign of progress, but it is vital that we continue to maximize our collective effort. The US Secretary of Agriculture signs the proclamation every year” (Pollinator Partnership 2016). Events celebrating pollinators and their habitats take place across the country during Pollinator Week. Pollinator Partnership keeps a list of activities occurring for each annual pollinator week that can be accessed on its website. Events range from workshops on gardening to Governors proclaiming Pollinator Weeks in their respective states.