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Reporta Monarca: Participative Monitoring of Monarch Butterflies

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Reporta Monarca is a participatory monitoring program through which monarch butterfly sightings are reported. These reports are used to identify and define the monarch’s migratory route. Students of all academic levels, members of civil society, interested individuals and local government offices all participate in this program. The aim of this monitoring is to obtain information on the migratory route of the monarch butterfly in order to propose different conservation and recovery strategies for the short, medium and long terms, to preserve and restore those areas through which the butterfly travels during spring and fall migration.

The specific objectives of this program are: 1) to strengthen capabilities to monitor the migratory phenomenon of the monarch butterfly nationwide; 2) to train and link the NPAs that are on the migratory path of the monarch; 3) to involve the communities who live in monarch migratory route in the generation of information about and monitoring of the migratory phenomenon; and 4) to identify and carry out field actions that favor the migration of the monarch locally in the NPA. Money for this program comes from the annual operating budget of the protected area (Simec 2010; Conanp 2013; Reporta Monarca 2014).

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