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Draft Wisconsin Pollinator Protection Plan

Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection

United States

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Draft Report

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Wisconsin’s draft pollinator protection plan is one example of pollinator BMPs currently being developed in the US at the state level. The Wisconsin plan includes specific sections that cover “Best Management Practices for Improving Pollinator Habitat in Prairies, Roadsides & Open Spaces” and for “Maximizing Pollinator Health and Pollination Services on Farms.” This document is written generally to address multiple land and resource managers.

The document discusses important questions or steps in the planning process and reviews issues and solutions for BMP implementation. Recommendations are general and are provided for planting or seeding; mowing or haying; invasive/pest species management; and prescribed burning. Guidance on available technical assistance or cost-share programs is also included (Locke et al. 2016).

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