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Point Pelee National Park Monarch Interpretive programming and Citizen Science

Parcs Canada – Parc national du Canada de la Pointe-Pelée


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From late August into September, Point Pelee offers visitors a live monarch exhibit, complete with monarch caterpillars on milkweed plants, and interpretive panels. After emerging from the chrysalis, monarchs that are reared in the exhibit are tagged and released, usually as a demonstration for visitors. The intent is to encourage visitors to make their own efforts toward monarch conservation, such as planting milkweed.

From early September to early October, Point Pelee also utilizes the expertise of a local citizen-scientist to do daily evening monarch counts at the southern tip of the park, an area well known for roosting monarchs. These numbers are broadcast on our social media pages to help give visitors a better idea of when they have the opportunity to see large numbers of migrating and roosting monarchs.

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